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ఎఫ్ ఎ క్యూ

  • How to buy products I do not know sizes
    Most of our products are manufactured by standards so you won't need to be worried about minor details, Yet it is advisable you cross check before purchase
  • Can i have the same product in different sizes?
    Some products are manufactured in other sizes too. Try checking the other avaiable options for the product
  • How can i get additional discount of my orders
    Place your order through manual payment method by using UPI or Bank transfer, your order will be confirmed as soon as we receive. We provide you a coupon for your next order of worth 1.25% of your trascation.
  • How do I get trolley wheels, Spacers, Spindle shaft, Wormgear of my own sizes?"
    You can fill out the predefined blanks of specific dimensions of the component in your login and we will produce as per your requirments. Check for Custom Products in your login
  • My required products are Out of stock
    We manufacture components according to schedule please check the availalbe calendar in "SCHEDULE " provided in tool bar to know the exact day of product will be ready. Make sure you hit NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE.
  • How do i add my GST number in inovice
    Please add your GST number in provided blanks in member profile in end of form, Submit details there and we will use it for your future transcations too.
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